Who is Chad Bartlett?

Over the last decade, Chad has helped thousands of real estate investors build or scale their companies from soloprenuer to true freedom businesses. He is a public speaker, presenting on some of the biggest stages in the industry, as well as teaching high level remote investing techniques internationally. He is an author and runs mutiple remote investment companies while living in South America.

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Early Years

With a strong desire to serve and see the world after high school, Chad joined the Army. The experiences he gained in the military shaped his appreciation for systems and teams.  

These lessons became very useful as he structured and built his real estate career, drawing many paralells to his early years in the Army.


June 7, 2012 in the parking lot of the Anchorage Alaska Meineke Chad's direction was forever changed.  This is where he received his first remote flipping check from a property in Kansas City, Missouri.  Once he closed 1 he knew he could close hundreds. 

From there he has duplicated his investing in multiple markets through out the United States and is beginning to look at investing internationally. 

Remote Roadmap

Finding a passion for teaching, Chad created Remote Roadmap, a real estate education company designed to give investors the tools necassary to create and operate a true freedom business from anywhere in the world. 

Chad has traveling throughout much of the United States teaching his techniques to thousands of investors.

Chad later began teaching remote investing techniques internationally, allowing him to share his strategies in Australia, the Caribean and around the globe.

Remote Roadmap is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing virtual flipping education companies in the world. 

Personal Life

Chad is a family man, happily married to his wife Sara. They have 4 children and currently live in Medellin, Colombia South America. His kids are his why, and works every day towards giving them the world!

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